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The Menopause Diet: Why Carbs Are Causing Your Meno Belly (& What To Eat Instead) - EP96

January 21, 2022

Eating for menopause is exactly the same as eating for bodybuilding.


(Say what?)


One of the most common complaints I hear from women in menopause is that they didn’t change a thing, yet they suddenly started gaining fat at an uncontrollable pace!


And that’s exactly the problem. 


What happens in our body on a cellular level once we move towards menopause and beyond is far different from what happens in our younger years. So what used to work to keep us relatively lean back then, will no longer work. 


(But don’t despair. The changes you need to make are not as drastic as you may think.)


Bodybuilders are notorious for hacking their bodies to get to absurdly low levels of body fat. Although most menopausal women don’t care about getting quite that lean, the principles are actually the same!


(And don’t worry, the answer is not a zero-carb diet.)


In this episode, I’m giving you the low-down on exactly what you should be eating (and not eating) to keep your menopause fat gain at bay, and WHY.


I also share what I eat to keep myself lean year-round and the backstory behind how I became so obsessed with the human body (including why menopause is a recent hot topic in the Sculpted Vegan community).


You will really love this one!

Love Kim xo

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“Never buy anything without reading the ingredient label first.”


“Studies have shown that estrogen incorporates crucial elements into the DNA responsible for weight control. The absence of both estrogen and these crucial elements leads to progressive obesity unless the diet is controlled.”


“It doesn’t matter what food makes it into your stomach. What matters is what makes it into your bloodstream.”

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