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The Exact Reason You’re Gaining Weight in Menopause (& How To Prevent It!) - EP95

January 14, 2022

If there’s one thing I think all women can agree with, it’s that menopause can really suck the life out of us:

-belly fat gain (UGH!)

-night sweats/hot flashes


-mood swings


The list goes on!


And for women who haven’t yet entered menopause, it can be especially terrifying wondering how their own bodies are going to respond. After all, it’s not often we hear about how beautiful this phase of our lives can really be.


But I’m making it my mission to change all of that.


I’m a firm believer that the more knowledge we have about menopause and how our bodies change before, during, and after it, the better and more beautiful our experience will be. Armed with the proper tools, I really believe all women are in far better control of how their bodies will respond in this part of their lives. Yes, the hormonal cascade is inevitable, but the symptoms that so many women endure don’t have to be!

In this episode, I’m tackling one of women's biggest fears over menopause: belly fat gain! I divulge the exact reasons most women gain weight even before they technically hit menopause, which foods to avoid to ensure your sexiest midsection, and the precise macronutrient ratio to aim for so you’re able to still burn fat despite the hormonal changes.


I also give you 3 steps you can implement right away, whether you’re peri- or post-menopausal, to ensure you’re on the right track to your hottest, healthiest, and strongest menopausal body!


This episode is packed to the brim, so get ready!

Love Kim xo

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“Menopause causes a metabolic shift in the way your fat is distributed.”


“I just love the human body. I think if we could just understand the human body more, we could have so much more control over our lives, health, fitness, and fat gain!”


“The main reason your body stores fat in menopause is because it becomes insulin resistant—a result of a drop in sex hormones.”

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