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Mikhaila Peterson Claims a Carnivore Diet Healed Her Autoimmune Disease. Do We Believe Her?-EP97

January 28, 2022

As a kid, Mikhaila Peterson only knew a life of depression and physical pain. Growing up, she suffered immensely from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that caused inflammation, chronic fatigue, rashes, and more. Her arthritis was so bad that she ended up having her hip and ankle replaced.


If that wasn’t bad enough, she suffered from depression on top of it. She was in a constant battle between medications for her pain and fatigue, and medications to help her think and focus—none of which actually helped her. 


Doctors ignored her. 


Nobody could help her. 


So she decided to take things into her own hands. Feeling hopeless and on her deathbed, she went to the one thing she knew she could do immediately and have full control over—her diet. 


Her very drastic dietary measures shockingly worked, and within a couple months, all of her ailments completely disappeared, and she was off all of her medications. 


Listen in as she explains exactly how she’s able to follow such an extreme diet long-term and how she ultimately overcame a life of seemingly endless misery. 


She even shares her best tips for those struggling to make lasting lifestyle changes. 


I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Love Kim xo

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“I think in order to really change how you live, you have to get to a point where you’ll do anything for as long as it takes.”


“If those medications worked, autoimmune disorders wouldn’t be an issue. They don’t work.”

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