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Discipline Vs Motivation: Which One Leads to Long-Term Success? Interview with Sal Di Stefano - EP91

October 22, 2021

Who will travel further, the man who loves walking, or the man who wants to get to the destination? Over the years, I’ve noticed a common theme amongst many of the women who buy my programs: they’re so focused on the end result that they miss the entire process of getting to that point. Why is that a problem? See, the journey that takes us to our end result is the very part that changes us. It teaches us through our failures and our mistakes. It shows us who we are and what we can overcome. The end result is of course great too, but that’s not where we build our character or learn from our mistakes.


In the health and fitness space especially, this can wreak havoc in our lives. 


I can’t think of anyone better to delve more into this, than Mind Pump Podcast host and personal trainer, Sal Di Stefano!


Sal fell in love with fitness at an early age. He would research the chemistry behind supplements at age 14! He was quite a skinny teenager and used fitness as a way to boost his confidence in his body. He devoured every health and fitness publication and book out there in pursuit of muscle. Then one day, something happened to him that changed his trajectory. His health took a very bad turn (despite feeling like the pillar of fitness for many years).


Listen in as he candidly shares his personal health struggles, and how they changed his entire view on health and fitness. He was forced to take a hard look in the mirror at his relentless pursuit of the perfect body and realized something needed to change—and fast.


He also digs into the difference between discipline and motivation, and how only one of those is responsible for your ultimate success.

Enjoy this thoroughly!

Love Kim xo

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“If you focus on your health, you WILL look good. Healthy looks good!”


“It’s easy to lose the first 30 lbs, but keeping it off? That’s the hard part.”


“We don’t have a weight loss issue in modern society; we have a keep-weight-off issue.”


“Motivation will get you going. Discipline will keep you going.”


“The amount of training volume and intensity that is required to build muscle, you need 1/9th  of that to maintain it.”


“Life is a journey, not a destination.”

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