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This obese make-up artist lost 140lbs - Interview With Paddy McGurgan - EP100

February 25, 2022

In 2020, when Covid-19 ravaged the globe and sent us into a tailspin, many people lost all motivation for keeping up with their health and fitness goals. 


But not this very busy, award-winning professional Makeup Artist from Northern Ireland, Paddy McGurgan. 


When Covid struck, Paddy was faced with a sudden decision: either finally lose the weight he had been trying desperately to lose with little success, or he would likely die.


It was now or never. 


At over 400 lbs, with Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, on medications, and suddenly thrust into a dangerous pandemic that his body likely wouldn’t be able to handle, Paddy was out of excuses.


With the lockdowns taking his job and giving him much more free time (to his relief), Paddy finally had the time to focus on his health. And although the exhaustion tempted him at every turn, he quickly found a strategy that would help him lose over 140lbs and keep it off.


And it’s the complete opposite of what many people do in their fitness journeys.


Listen in as he candidly shares the turning point to his dramatic weight loss, the thing he knew that had to change if he was going to be successful, and how he does life 140lbs lighter!


We also discuss loose skin, cosmetic work, his gym routine, and his top tips for people just starting their weight loss journey who feel overwhelmed by the fear of failure.


You’re going to gush over this episode (and him)!

Love Kim xo

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“Start off at a pace you’re able to sustain. You don’t need anyone’s approval.”


“Losing 30lbs is easy. Keeping 30lbs off? That is the hardest!”


“It doesn’t matter how little sleep you get or no matter how hungover you are, if you have a date with the gym - you f*cking go.”

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