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How To Have Better Sex in Menopause — with Head Trainer Laura

November 5, 2021

Did you know that up to 80% of menopausal women experience hot flashes and vaginal dryness? These are the most common symptoms in all stages of menopause, yet so embarrassing that most women won’t even talk about them.


With the launch of my new menopause program and community coming up soon, I decided to hand my podcast over AGAIN (since you all loved it so much last week). Head Trainer Laura Hutchinson took the reins on this week’s podcast, and she does not disappoint!


Laura has been in the menopause research realm for many years. We’ve both had our heads in the sand TOGETHER for the last year because of our soon-to-be-launched programs, and let me tell you, Laura knows her sh*t.


And quite frankly?


We’re over the silence that has been deafening menopausal women. It’s time to get real about one of the most natural occurrences all women will ever experience.


So when I asked Laura if she wanted to take over my podcast and talk all things menopause, she of course squealed in delight! So listen closely as she gets down and dirty with:


  • what menopause is
  • different cultural beliefs around menopause
  • most common symptoms
  • average age that menopause strikes
  • ..and loads more!


She even discusses vaginal dryness + some ways to help it, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and shares an old menopause myth that I bet will shock you!

Enjoy this fabulous episode!

Love Kim xo

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“The only thing predictable about perimenopause is that it’s unpredictable.”


“The success of your life will be defined by the number of difficult conversations you are prepared to have.”

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